Packers Cruise to 24-3 Victory vs Rams

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL as of right now. They have beaten all different calibers of opponents, including good ones like the New Orleans Saints, and bad ones like last weeks Rams.

Despite the Packers not giving up a lot of points thus far this season, they have given up a lot of yards between the 20’s. St. Louis could only muster three points against Green Bay, however they did gain over 400 yards of offense. The Packers players have seen unitnerested in giving up yards, and have mentioned that the only thing that matters is points, which is true. However, if Green Bay gives up those type of yardage numbers in a big game the good teams will make you pay inside the 20 yard line.

Rodgers completed touchdown passes to three recievers, James Jones, Donald Driver, and a long 93 yard pass to Jordy Nelson. On the Nelson touchdown catch the Rams secondary was similar to the Three Stooges attempting to play football, with defenders taking horrible angles and running into each other allowing Nelson to run down field for no reason.

The Packers travel to Minnesota next week where they will most likely kill the Vikings who has rookie quarterback Christian Ponder making his first NFL start.

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