Packers Tramon Williams to bounce back this season

Green Bay Packers Right Corner Tramon Williams who played most of last season with a painful should is still not a 100 percent fit for this season as he is still nursing the same injury. According to Fox Sports Wisconsin, Tramon Willilams did not fully recover since last season, and has only recovered 50-percent of his strength in his right shoulder according to test that was performed earlier this month.

Williams suffered a major nerve damaged in his should after a collection with his teammate Nick Collins last season. This injury has definitely affect William’s play and it is highly doubtful that he will return to his old self.

According to the Journal Sentiment of Wisconsin, Williams has never missed a game, or practice in his career. Williams has faced his low point recently and is struggling to get back to a 100 percent. If the RCB is able to regain his full fitness and bounce back to his 2010 season, he is sure to re-gain his position as the packers number 1 choice, but until then, we can only wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

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