Packers vs Bears Recap

The Packers in no way played up to standards against the Bears on Thursday, however, they played well enough to get the victory over the rival Bears. Even though he tossed an interception, and only threw for 219 yards. He was sacked 5 times in the game. Will the NFL odds change now that the Packers have a win, or will everyone realize that it’s only Week 2, and no one makes the playoffs after Week 2?

Green Bay won 23-10 at home against the Bears Thursday, after an embarrassing loss to the 49ers at home in Week 1. Even though certain folks and networks would have lead you to believe that Thursday was a must win for the Packers, it wasn’t. There has never been a Week 2 game that was a must win.

However, the Packers did win, and it was nice to see for Pack fans. Not only did they beat their archrival, they did not start the season in a hole. They now have a nice short vacation, before they travel to Seattle for yet another tough early game.

In order to improve on their first two games, Greg Jennings needs to get healthy, and the Packers’ run game needs to continue to evolve. Cedric Benson had a solid game after averaging 2 yards per carry in Week 1; he came back for 20 carries and 81 yards against the Bears. If he can continue to be solid, the Packers’ offense will bring on a whole other element they have not had in years.

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