Packers Get Back On Winning Track in Week 4

It was a nail biter in week 4 for the Green Bay Packers and all of their fans.  Coming off one of the most controversial losses in NFL history, they looked to get back on the winning road against a New Orleans Saints team that was hungry for their first win of the season.  Things looked rocky throughout the game, but the Packers managed to pull off a win with great games from Aaron Rodgers and his receiving core.

Rodgers looked like the quarterback we’ve come to know and love this past Sunday in New Orleans.  After two lackluster games, he was out for blood, and he got it.  He was able to throw four touchdowns with over 300 passing yards on the day, while only turning the ball over once on an interception.  If he is able to stay consistent and continue to get wins like this, the Packers have a chance at not only taking their division, but getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

What helped Rodgers have such a good game in week 5 was the consistency of his receiving core.  Rodgers was able to move the ball around throughout the game, allowing three of his receivers, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and James Jones, touchdowns on the day.  He was also able to get the ball to receivers like Randall Cobb, which showed that Rodgers has plenty of options to throw to the rest of the season.

He will need to keep this in mind going into Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, however, because they have a defense that likes to pressure the quarterback.  The Packers are at a -6.5 points spread, which makes them a risky choice as one of your NFL picks for the week.  Covering that many points is tough for any team in the league, so pick with caution if you are deciding to go with Packers this week.

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