Packers struggle to stay afloat


Photo by: Tom Berg/Icon SMI

The Green Bay Packers’ struggle in Sunday’s game showed a weary offense’s desperate struggle to keep their heads above water. Aaron Rogers had his lowest total of the throws for the season, only throwing for one hundred and eighty-six (186) yards while Packers receivers dropped three good passes. Rodgers who was 22 of 35 for 186 yards spent a good deal of time evading the Jaguars’ defenders and got sacked twice consecutively as Packers’ offensive line struggled containing the pass rush. Wide Receiver James Jones had seven catches for thirty-one yards. Full Back John Kuhn who plays a key role in protecting Aaron Rodgers in the pocket was out with an injured hamstring and Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson who injured his hamstring in practice was also missing in action leaving the Packers with a void that was well felt in Sunday’s game.

Despite having their third straight win in a row against the Jaguars who are considered the NFL’s worst team, the Packers definitely have their work cut out for them with a growing injury list. Fans can only hope for so much against the Cardinals next Sunday.

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