Finley Has One Foot Out the Door


Photo by: MSA/Icon SMI

This week, Jermichael Finley told reporters that if he was asked to, he would not take a pay cut to help the Packers. Finley still has one year left on his deal, and recently said that although the Packers have not contacted him about the possibility of restructuring his contract, he did say that if he was asked to do so he would rather be released than do so. If Green Bay does release him or trade him, they will save $8.25 million, so it appears they have the upper hand in this situation.

Finley did say that if he liked the deal he would consider signing it, but only if the money was right. This might come off as a selfish move, and is not exactly all that surprising given how he has handled himself on and off the field in the past couple of years. Dealing with less reps and less targets, one might think he would consider having to prove himself to earn the money, but that is also kind of unrealistic for someone who helped the Packers win a Super Bowl. This is certainly a developing story, but Packers fans should not be surprised if Green Bay cuts him or he decides to ask for a release to play somewhere else. Stay tuned for more information on what happens, and let us know you feel about this situation as a Packers fan.

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