Packers Hold Onto Slight Playoff Hopes

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance!” Lloyd Christmas

Now that we’ve all had the opportunity to digest our Thanksgiving Day meals along with the Turkey Day Debacle by our Packers, the realization of potentially no playoffs hit the Packers fan base hard. I’m here to tell you to take one step away from the cliff! While it doesn’t look great, there are a few scenarios that need to happen and some teams that we should all become fans of to increase that possibility.

The Packers must win out! No ifs ands or buts about it, any loss will end any hope. With Seattle, New Orleans, and Carolina already at 9 and 10 wins respectfully, San Francisco with 8 wins (and playing great football) and Philadelphia and Dallas both at 7 wins, Green Bay can’t afford to only finish with 8 wins. Green Bay’s upcoming games include: Home vs Atlanta, @ Dallas, home vs Pittsburgh and finally @ Chicago to end the season. Win out and the best possibility is 9-6-1, that still may not be enough but it is the only chance.

Aaron Rodgers has to be the quarterback. Obviously, if the Packers go 4-0 with Matt Flynn (or Scott Tolzien) all the better but I truly believe the only way this could possibly happen is with Rodgers at QB. He makes the whole team better; offense scores more, defense rests more and he is able to just make plays that Flynn and Tolzien can’t. He is the MVP for a reason.

Need some help along the way. The Packers finishing the season 4-0 is the first step, but some other teams losing along the way too can only help. For starters, Detroit finishing the season 2-2 would give them a 9-7 record overall. That would place them a half game behind the Packers in the division. That means that we shall all root for, Philadelphia, Baltimore, the New York Giants and Minnesota. Additionally, if the Packers were to win out, one of those wins would be against the Bears and with their loss to the Vikings yesterday, they best they can finish is 9-7. With the a wild card spot out of reach, this is the best path the playoffs.

The Defense has to improve. Everything above is fun to think about but if the defensive effort doesn’t improve, none of it will matter. Over the recent weeks, the defense hasn’t been playing well enough for the team to win a single game, let alone to help lead the team to a 4-0 record. Getting more consistent pressure up front, create more turnovers and get a stop at a crucial time will be even more important during the upcoming playoff push. Based on recent results, this is where the most help is needed.

Will it happen? This is tough to answer right now based on Rodger’s status still being up in the air. If he is unable to go, getting 1 win will be tough, let alone 4. The optimist in me says of course they can win 4 in a row, the realist says that finishing above .500 will be a small victory. No matter which side you’re on, you always have to faith in the Green and Gold!! Go Pack Go!!

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