Packers @ Cowboys: Post Game Thoughts

A few thoughts after the Packers come from behind, 37-36 victory over the Dallas Cowboys!

  • Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! Serious, what else is there to say!
  • Give the defense some credit, holding the Cowboys to FG’s early on allowed this comeback to happen. The Defense has taken a lot of heat this season but they got some stops and finally forced some turnovers to help seal the victory.
  • I believe I said this last week, but Eddie Lacy is the MAN!! Huge run to start the 2nd half helped set up the whole second half. The Cowboys didn’t have an answer fom him in the 2nd half.
  • Matt Flynn was clutch today!
  • Andrew Quarless had another impressive game today. You can see him becoming a safety valve for Flynn.
  • While the comeback was impressive, why did it take until the 2nd half to make some adjustments? As great as the Packers were in the 2nd half, they were equally as bad in the first half. They can’t keep relying on 2nd half comebacks, especially with the Steelers and Bears coming up.
  • Like last week, once the offense started to roll, you saw the whole team gain confidence. Offense, Defense and Special Teams all stepped up.
  • Rodgers Watch Part Duex: Will he be back? He seemed to be close to being back this week, will the extra week give him enough time to completely heel up?
  • Kuddos to Tramon Williams. He has been quietly playing some good football this season. That pick to seal it was a thing of beauty!
  • Seriously, what just happened?!?
  • Congrats to Eddie Lacy for getting over 1,000 yards rushing on the season. Have a feeling we will be seeing those words written again in the future.
  • Hard not to like Mike Daniels, quietly having a very impressive season on the DL.
  • Mason Crosby continued his impressive comeback season with his 57 yard FG.
  • Need to give a thank you to the Cowboys play calling, not saying they would have won if they ran the ball more, but to go away from the run completely was head scratching to say the least.
  • The Packers showed some serious heart today! They could have rolled over and got waxed, instead they scratched, clawed and dug there way to a victory!
  • With todays win, the Packers now stand 7-6-1 with 2 games left. Still need some help, but the playoffs are very much still in play.
  • Amazing, serious, just amazing! What an impressive comeback!
  • Go Ravens on Monday Night Football. A Lions loss is a big help to the Packers.
  • Next up: Steelers at home!
  • Go Pack Go!!

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