Packers 2014 Opponents Finalized

As was being reported last night, by the Packers winning the NFC North and the Eagles winning the NFC East, the Packers 2014 opponents are now set. The Packers will play the NFC South and AFC East as well as the first place teams from the NFC East and West. The schedule itself won’t be set until spring. Here is are the home and away opponents for next season:

Home Opponents:

  • Lions, Vikings, Bears, Falcons, Panthers, Patriots, Jets, Eagles

Road Opponents:

  • Lions, Vikings, Bears, Saints, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Bills, Seahawks

As they always are, it will be a difficult schedule, but nothing in the NFL is ever easy. Also, make sure to check back throughout the week for playoff coverage from all of us here at Make sure to follow me on twitter @mkhawk21 and @packers360. Go Pack Go!

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