Packers @ Bears: Post Game Thoughts

My post game thoughts  after the Packers exciting, come from behind victory over the Bears, 33-28:

  • NFC North Champs!!
  • Honestly, what an amazing game! You couldn’t ask for much more no matter who you were cheering for. That is what rivalry games are all about!
  • You could tell that Aaron Rodgers was a little amped early on. He sailed a few balls (one that lead to the INT off Jordy Nelson’s hands) and made a bad read on the first interception, but when the game was on the line he made a few big throws. Nothing was bigger than the deep touchdown to Randall Cobb.
  • Speaking of which, welcome back Randall Cobb! He had 2 huge catches but none bigger than the game winner!
  • Seriously, what an amazing game. Still trying to catch my breath and come back down to earth.
  • Think Jordy Nelson was glad Aaron was back? What a great game he played!
  • The defense played honorably today, making just enough plays. As bad as they looked in the 2nd half, they looked equally as good in the 1st half. Forcing three 3 and outs in the first half was a big difference in the game. Then with the game on the line, they kept the Bears out of endzone.
  • Seriously, Division Champs!!
  • Can’t give enough credit to John Kuhn on the game winning TD play. He came over and made a play on Julius Peppers to give Rodgers a chance to roll out and find Cobb. Also have to give him props for getting just enough to get the first down on the first 4th down attempt to keep the drive alive.
  • How clutch was Aaron Rodgers today? When the season was on the line, he delivered! That 4th down conversion to Jordy was a tough, low throw and that deep ball to Randall Cobb to win it was a thing of beauty!
  • What a season!! Seasons like this are why football is amazing! Every week offered something different and kept you on the edge of your seat. Still more games to come.
  • Have to give props to Sam Shields for his knock down to help end that drive mid 4th quarter. He was beat pretty badly early on but came back and made a play with the game on the line.
  • Speaking of the secondary, MD Jennings isn’t good.
  • Eddie Lacy is a gamer. You could tell he wasn’t right all game but gutted out yards after contact and used great vision to score his TD. He needs to get healthy in order for the Packers to make a push in the postseason.
  • Hard to not love this team. They are a mixed and matched group but responded when they had to when their leader returned!
  • Enjoy this Packers fans! We can worry about next weekend starting tomorrow but enjoy the division championship tonight. When Rodgers went down, no one thought we would be here. And despite all of it, the Packers are division champs!
  • One more time for good measure, What a game!
  • Playoffs start next week with the Packers hosting the 49ers.
  • What a game, what a season! NFC North Division Champs! Sounds pretty good!!
  • Go Pack Go!

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