Packers vs 49ers: Post Game Thoughts

My thoughts on the Packers  23-20 loss to the 49ers in the first round of the playoffs

  • This was heartbreaking. Unlike other losses where I may be upset, after Phil Dawson made the kick, I just dropped my head as the realization the season was over hit me.
  • Dom Capers called a helluva game. I understand the defense didn’t get stops when they needed them, but you can’t put all of that on Capers. If that is his last game as a Packer, he went out swinging.
  • Clay Matthews would have been a difference maker today.
  • As much as everyone is going to rag on the defense, the offense didn’t help matters today. A TD on the Packers last drive changes the whole dynamic of the 49ers final drive. The offense as a whole had chances to do a lot more than it did.
  • Morgan Burnett had a season to forget. Hopefully he can shake off this season because it couldn’t be much worse.
  • Micah Hyde could have given the Packers amazing field position if he picks off that Kaepernick pass on the final drive. So, so close!
  • What a season! I know this stings but considering the adversity this team played with all year, its hard not to be proud of this team.
  • Hope Sam Shields is alright, he would have made a difference if he doesn’t get hurt during the first drive.
  • That being said, Davon House is a solid player. Sure he may drive you nuts at times, but he has talent for sure. Will be fun to see grow.
  • Watching Mike Daniels grow up in front of our eyes has been fun. He is going to be a beast!!
  • James Jones picked up a case of the drops before this weeks game. Some were tough but he has to make those grabs.
  • Eddie Lacy is a beast! Ted Thompson got himself a steal with him.
  • Nice to see Nick Perry flying around today. If he can stay healthy next year, he could make a great combo off the edge with Clay!
  • Keep your heads up Packers fans! With everything that happened, we were still NFC North Champs and had a chance until the last minute in our playoff game. I know it hurts, but a lot to be proud of!
  • Absolutely love this team! Win or lose, I’ll always be a Packers Fan!!
  • Go Pack Go!!

On behalf of all of us at, thank you for joining us this season. Make sure to keep checking back throughout the offseason as well. Also, make sure to follow us on twitter @packers360 as well. Thanks again!

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