Ticket Prices Reflect Demand For Packers-Seahawks With Super Bowl on Line

The Green Bay Packers may have been undefeated at home this year, but Seattle is widely considered the toughest play in the NFL to play. The Pack will have to contend with the 12th man as they face the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks with a chance to earn a trip to Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale on February 1.


Given the stakes and the two franchises playing in this NFC title game, it is no surprise that Seahawks tickets are a staggering $647.16 on average this week (as well as a whopping $266 to get in the door). That is a bargain compared to the price of tickets for fans should their team win, however. According to SB Tickets, tickets to the Super Bowl cost an average of $3,309, with a get-in price of $1,560.


Green Bay didn’t look like a Super Bowl contender right away this year, as their defense was inconsistent and even their offense was hard to figure out. They got on track with elite performances at Lambeau Field, however, as Aaron Rodgers and co. used an 9-0 record at home (including playoffs) to propel them to a 12-4 finish and a fourth straight NFC North division crown. A-Rod stayed red hot last week as Green Bay upended Dallas, but questions remain surrounding his mobility (he’s dealing with a calf injury) and whether or not the Packers defense is good enough to slow down Seattle.


Rodgers wasn’t really himself back in Week One when the Packers last saw the Seahawks, but it’s hard to blame him with Mike McCarthy foolishly deciding not to challenge stud corner Richard Sherman even once. By taking away half the field willingly, Green Bay made themselves look shockingly predictable on offense and slowly turned a tight contest into a 36-16 romp. Additionally Eddie Lacy was absent and the Packers were dealing with injuries along the O-Line. Green Bay’s defense didn’t do them any favors, either, as they missed some key chances at forcing huge turnovers and also got bulldozed by Marshawn Lynch on a routine basis. If the outcome is going to be any different for the Pack this time around, their run defense will have to step up and their offense will have to find a way to keep Seattle’s defense honest.

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